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r/opensea • Smash Marbles Arena 😜 Degen Meets P2E🎮 The collection has over 300 different traits, including weaponry, headwear, clothes, and more. Every NFT lets you participate in our 100 ETH Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament💰and more ️ P&E ️Airdrops ️Rent Avatar ️Passive Income. Discord link in comments:.

Cool Cats FC ('Football Club') is a collection of 4,000 NFTs created by Cool Cats, Animoca Brands, and OneFootball Labs.Earn rewards and NFT upgrades for holding the best teams as they advance through the world's largest football tournament. Important: NFT Metadata is NOT static and will be changing over time.Please visit to read the lite.

Nov 22, 2022 · Cool Cats Football Club (CCFC) price floor today is $52.21, with a 24 hour sales volume of 3.52 ETH. As of today, there is a total of 3000 NFTs minted, held by 1301 unique owners, and has a total market cap of $156,629.53. Cool Cats FC ('Football Club') is a collection of 3,000 NFTs created by Cool Cats, Animoca Brands, and OneFootball Labs..

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OpenSea's take on NFT Royalty. OpenSea revealed its "thoughtful, principled approach" to NFT royalties. It will enforce royalty payments for new NFT collection developers using blockchain. On November 8, that system was gone live. However, the marketplace's intentions for existing NFTs currently need to be clarified.

Very cool dynamic NFT program! Cool Cats LLC 3d The Cool Cats team has been working hand-in-hand with @Animoca Brands and @OneFootball to bring a new collaborative.

An NFT offering from the Cool Cats brand, Pets is a collection of 19,999 NFTs that are procedurally generated based on item interaction. All Pets start as an Egg and evolve into their final form, which represents one of four elements: Grass, Fire, Water, or Air. Users can evolve their Pet through our gamified experience on [

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